Perfect Game

Sports tourism is a huge contributor to economic development and what better company to partner with than Perfect Game? 

Perfect Game, the world's largest and most comprehensive youth baseball and softball scouting organization, has chosen Cedar Park as the future home of their headquarters. It is their mission to promote the games of baseball and softball now and in the future by hosting the highest quality amateur events, while providing meaningful opportunities and information to players, families, MLB organizations, college coaches, and fans.


The Project

PG Cedar Park Group LLC will develop, operate and maintain a headquarters that will include a baseball and softball tournament complex with sixteen (16) turf ballfields, spectator seating, hotels, retail and other related amenities. Construction of the facility is expected to commence in 2023. 

Between 2023 and 2031 the City of Cedar Park will receive an estimated net revenue of over $20 million dollars from Perfect Game. Perfect Game will also allow the City use of the ball fields for the community, local nonprofits and governmental entities for a minimum of 25 days per year with no cost to the City. 

Teams from all over the nation will come to the complex for tournaments, resulting in 60,000-plus annual room nights in year one and around 150,000 room nights by year 10.  This project will create a new and thriving industry in sports tourism that Cedar Park has yet to see and will help solidify Cedar Park as not only a tourism destination, but a destination for business.

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